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Charlotte Hornets Continue Hot Start, Beat Hawks 100-96

The Charlotte Hornets continued their hot start moving to 8-3 with a key early season win over divisional rival Atlanta Hawks 100-96. The win for the Hornets also extends their best start to a season in franchise history. 

A close game that the Hawks seemed to be taking control of midway through the 4th quarter until center Dwight Howard was ejected after getting called for a flagrant 2 foul. At the time of the call, the Hawks had a 89-86 lead over the Hornets and seemed to be gaining the momentum. However after the ejection, the Hornets and star guard Kemba Walker took over and closed the games final 5:00 minutes on a 14-7 run to set the final score.

Walker scored 19 of his 21 points in the second half in leading the Hornets to the home win. Nicolas Batum finished with a double-double of 24 points and 10 rebounds and Cody Zeller added a strong 23 points.

Paul Millsap lead the Hawks in scoring with 22, followed by 19 from Kent Bazemore and a double-double from Howard (10 points, 16 rebounds) despite being ejected midway through the final quarter.

The Hornets have a quick turn around as they travel to New Orleans to take on the struggling Pelicans Saturday night at 7PM.

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Where Could Tony Romo End Up

Obviously it's clear now that Tony Romo, will no longer be the starting QB for the Dallas Cowboys with the emergence of Dak Prescott. So where could Romo end up going this offseason? Which teams would want him and which teams could he help? Given Romo's age, 36, and his health history, you have to think he only has two or three more years left, assuming he stays healthy, so he would want to go to a team that has a chance to win quickly. Who could that be?

1. New York Jets. The Jets will be looking for a quarterback after this season with Ryan Fitzpatrick having a terrible year and playing on a franchise tag. I'm not sure the Jets are a team that could give Romo the best opportunity to win, but they may be the team willing to pay Romo the most money to play. So the chances of Romo being in a J.E.T.S. JETS JETS JETS jersey in 2017 is fairly good.

2. Minnasotta Vikings. How do the Vikings feel about Sam Bradford? How do they feel about Teddy Bridgewater coming back from a knee injury? Neither Bradford or Bridgewater are what you would call franchise quarterbacks, although at this point in his career I don't think you can put Romo in that category either. But a healthy Romo is probably better than either Bradford or Bridgewater and probably gives the Vikings a better chance to win than the other two. And for Romo, the Vikings are a team that is in a position to be a contender. So even though it's much less likely to happen, don't completely count out a Romo to the Vikings deal.

3. San Fransisco 49ers. The 49ers have Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert. Romo would walk into the 49ers QB room and immediately be the starting QB simply based on the fact that Kaepernick and Gabbert are both terrible and neither should even be in the NFL. However like the Jets, the 49ers are no where close to being in a position to give Romo a chance to have a shot at being a contender, so would Romo consider going to the Bay?

There are other teams you could discuss, the Houston Texans (I mean, how bad has Brock Osweiler been), Miami Dolphins (Ryan Tannehill is about as bad at Osweiler), and the Los Angeles Rams (do they even have a QB?). But the Jets, Vikings and 49ers have to be considered the favorites for Romo in 2017.

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No Clemson, You Are Not That Good

I've been saying it all year, and all year they have been showing that I'm right, Clemson is not that good this year. Despite still being ranked number four in the College Football rankings and as it stand today would be in the College Football Playoffs, the Clemson Tigers are not that good and do not deserve to be in the College Football Playoffs, I'll even go as far as to say that Clemson isn't even a Top 10 team this year. I can give you many examples that back up my case. Let's look at this.

September 10th at home vs Troy. Clemson was at home, against a much lower class team in Troy, yet Clemson had to score 17 fourth quarter points just to beat the Trojans 30-24 in what should have been a blowout. A top ranked, playoff worthy team doesn't beat a much inferior team by seven points, at home. This was a win for Clemson, but a very bad win.

October 15th at home vs NC State. Again the Tigers were at home, against a greatly inferior team in NC State, and quite frankly should have lost. In fact, the Wolfpack had a chance to win the game on the final play of regulation, but missed a 33 yard field goal that would have given NC State a 20-17 victory. Clemson got a miracle (who misses a 33 yard field goal?) and got to play in overtime, eventually winning 24-17. Why should it take a powerful, playoff bound, top ranked team overtime to beat a fairly bad 5-5 team? Maybe because they just aren't that good. Again this was a win for Clemson, but another very bad win.

November 12th, at home vs Pittsburg. Finally, it happened, Clemson's luck ran out and lost, AT HOME, to an unranked 6-4 Pittsburgh Panthers team. Does a top ranked, playoff deserving team lose this game (at home to boot)? No. Despite all the bullets the Tigers have dodged in 2016, they finally took the bullet and showed they just simply aren't that good. A very bad loss for Clemson.

Now Clemson does have one good win, against the Louisville Cardinals. Clemson did win this game 42-36. But looking deeper into this game, Clemson should have lost this game, as they trailed the Cardinals 36-28 with less than eight minutes to play. Louisville also outgained the Tigers 568 yards to 507 yards, and gained five more first downs than the Tigers (31-26). So yes, a good win for Clemson, but a win they shouldn't have had. (UPDATE 11/18/16: Well forget the good win against Louisville, considering they just got blown out by an unranked Houston team)

Now who else has Clemson beaten you ask? Not exactly an impressive list of teams. Auburn, South Carolina State, Georgia Tech, Boston College, Florida State and Syracuse. Clemson still has to play Wake Forest and South Carolina, both of which will not be easy games for the Tigers.

So no, Clemson, as much as you and your fans like to beat your chest and claim to be the best, world beaters, deserving of being in the final four and in the playoffs, you're not worthy, you're not that good, you're not even a top 10 team and if you do happen to make it to the College Football Playoffs, you will be greatly exposed and you will lose, quickly. 

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