Open Letter To Roman Harper, Panthers

Panthers Free-Agent Safety Roman Harper

The Carolina Panthers announced they were releasing Roman Harper back in February, just after the Super Bowl. However the possibility does remain that Harper could return to the Panthers, a possibility that I hope happens. And Harper has said that wants to return to the Panthers as well, and will speak with his agent in the coming days about possibly getting this done. This is my letter to Roman Harper.

Harp, I have greatly enjoyed your two years with the Panthers, I think you have been a great player and an incredible leader in the locker room for a young secondary. You are one of the biggest reasons the Panthers secondary became one of the best in the league. As a life-long Panthers fan, and PSL owner, I absolutely the Panthers realize your value and bring you back for another year or two. I think if they don't, they are mistaken.

However if they don't, I want to say THANK YOU. I am incredibly glad you choose to come to Carolina two years ago. You have done great things not only for this team, but for the city of Charlotte! I hope you know all of of Panther fans greatly appreciate that. If you do move on, I hope you find a top team with a chance to win another championship, which I think you will have the chance to do in Carolina as well. 

Again I will say THANK YOU, but I hope this isn't goodbye, I sincerely hope you are a Panther in 2016!

** **Harp, if I get lucky enough for you to see this, please send me a DM on Twitter (adamjw84) or email me ( I would really, really like to ask you a question. Also Rom, it would be such a great honor for you to follow my blog! Thank you! Keep Pounding!

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