Would the Carolina Panthers Bring Back Greg Hardy?

All NFL fans know about the Greg Hardy domestic violence dilemma in 2014 that caused him to miss all but one game, and eventually be released from the Carolina Panthers and given a chance by the Dallas Cowboys for the 2015 season.

However Hardy's stint with the Cowboys appears to have been short, as they have shown no interest in re-signing him, and Hardy never really fit in with the Cowboys, having multiple on the field incidents with teammates and coached a like. To put it nicely, Hardy didn't do himself any favors in 2015.

But with the Panthers releasing veteran defensive end Charles Johnson last week, and looking for a veteran, disruptive DE to fill the position opposite Kony Ealy, would the Panthers consider bringing Hardy back to Carolina?

Why they should consider it: Hardy proved in 2013 with the Panthers that he can be an elite defensive end in the NFL. Hardy had 15 sacks for the Panthers and 59 tackles in 2013, a contract season for Hardy, which eventually lead the Panthers to placing their franchise tag on him after the 2013 season. Hardy can play, there is no doubt about that, however Hardy has recently had character issues, obviously the largest the domestic violence case, and the fact that the Cowboys don't even seem to want Hardy may speak volumes and keep teams away from the DE. Hardy would come as a relatively cheap, most likely on another short-term, prove yourself deal to the Panthers, and during his time in Carolina Hardy didn't have any issues with his teammates and was a fan favorite.

Why they shouldn't consider it: As I mentioned in the above paragraph, Hardy seems to have become a character issue on and off the field in the last two years, which the Panthers are well known for staying away from players like that. The Panthers most likely don't want a player that has created this type of image of himself recently, even if he can play at a high level and was successful with the franchise just two years ago. Another reason it may be a bad idea is the Panthers fan-base. Carolina has one of the best fan-bases in the league, and before the domestic violence case, and even during the case, Hardy was generally well liked among Panthers fans, and a lot of us in Carolina were disappointed when Hardy left. However then the pictures came out from the night when the domestic violence incident occurred and that turned almost everyone, Panthers fans included, away from Hardy, bringing him back would hurt the fan-base.

Ultimately, the Panthers most likely won't even look Hardy's way during free-agency, but it is an interesting thing to possibly watch.

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