Duke vs. N.C. State Live Updates

Duke defeats NC State 92-89. Duke advances to play Notre Dame tomorrow

What an incredible game this was. Could possibly end up being the game of this years ACC Tournament. Cat Barber misses half court shot.

(01.4 seconds 2nd) Duke misses free throw. NC State takes timeout with ball down 92-89. Wolfpack have one last chance

(02.0 seconds 2nd) NC State fouls Duke. Duke leads 92-89

(30.8 seconds 2nd) Timeout Duke. Ball out of bounds, Duke possession. 2 seconds left on shot clock. 92-89 Duke

(1:14) NC State's Cody Martin fouls out fouling Plumlee on offensive rebound put back. Chance for 3 point play for Plumlee. Free throw is good. 92-89 Duke

(1:25) Tied at 89

(2:00 2nd) 88-87 Duke

(3:06) Greyson Allen picks up 4th foul

(3:21 2nd) Flagrant 1 foul on Greyson Allen. NC State's Cat Barber gets 2 free throws and NC State gets ball. Barbers hits one of two free throws. 88-84 Duke

(3:37 2nd) Timeout Duke after Cat Barber break away layup. 88-83 Duke

(4:58 2nd) Duke fouls Cat Barber on 3 ball. Shot is good. Chance for 4 point play. Free throw good. 86-81 Duke

(5:13 2nd) BeeJay Anya picks up 4th foul. Plumlee hits two free-throws. Duke leads 86-77

(6:00 2nd) Allen drains a 3. Gives Duke 84-77 lead

(8:27 2nd) Duke gets easy bucket, takes largest lead of game at 81-75. Timeout NC State

(8:35 2nd) NC State turns ball over, Duke gets easy two. NC State responds with a 3 ball, only to see Greyson Allen hits a 3.. 79-75 Duke leads

(11:40) Media timeout. 70-68 Duke leads. NC State's Barber now with 19 points, Abu with 17. Duke's Ingram with 22, Kennard 16

(12:28) Cat Barber makes 2 free throws. NC State leads 68-67

(13:41) Cat Barber coming back in game. Duke has largest lead at 65-62

(14:44) Cat Barber injured, shooting arm. Duke 63-62

(15:43 2nd) Ball out of bounds to Duke. Blue Devils lead 61-60.

(17:30 2nd) Brandon Ingram keeps scoring. Drains a 3 ball. 58-57 Duke

(18:51 2nd) 55-52 NC State

The 103 combined first half points is the second highest in ACC Tournament history. Both teams shot over 60% from the field in the 1st half. 2nd Half begins

2nd half is about to get underway

NC State cannot get a shot off before halftime. We go into the break with NC State leading 53-50. Leading scorers: Brandon Ingram (DUKE) 19 points, 3 rebounds. Cat Barber (NC STATE) 15 points, 4 assists, 3 rebounds. Fast paced, very entertaining first half.

(Less than 1 minute in half) Barber hits a 2 ball. Greyson Allen picks up 2nd foul on offense. NC State ball with 05.9 seconds left to half

(1:11) Duke calls timeout after turnover and NC State 3 ball. 51-48 NC State leads

(2:05) Duke hits 2 ball, NC State responds with a 3, Duke a 2 and NC State a 2. Tied at 48

(2:51) Cody Martin fouls Brandon Ingram on rebound attempt. Under four timeout, Duke 43, NC State 43

(4:04 1st) Malik Abu fouled on shot attempt. Brandon Ingram already has 19 points for Duke. Abu misses free-throws.

(4:39 1st) Cat Barber drills a 3. 39-37 NC State

(5:57 1st) NC State fouls Duke on floor, however puts Duke in he bonus. Ingram with a 1-and-1. Hits one. NC State 36-35

(6:22 1st) Tied at 34

(7:46 1st) Plumlee misses both free throws. Malik Abu gets a slam. 34-32 NC State

(7:46 1st) Marshall Plumlee fouled on shot attempt. Will have two free throws after break. Tied at 32

(8:14 1st) Brandon Ingram hits a two ball, but comes down hard on his heel. Walks it off. 32-32 tie.

(9:25 1st) Ingram drained another 3 ball. NC States Mavrick Rowan responds with a 3 ball. 32-30 NC State

(10:02 1st) NC State foul on Malik Abu. Brandon Ingram hits both free throws. 27-27 tie

(11:04 1st) Anya hits both free throws, 25-23 NC State

Duke's Brandon Ingram already with 9 points 

(11:04 1st) 23-23 Tie. BeeJay Anya will be at the free throw line for NC State after the break

(12:20 1st) 23-20 NC State

Very fast paced 1st half. 

(14:03 1st) 19-17 NC State

I join you with 14:03 to play in the first half. 

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