The Carolina Panthers Should Bring Back Braylon Beam in 2016

All Carolina Panthers fans know Braylon Beam and his story, and his incredible run as a "coach" with the Panthers historic 2015 season. However if you are unfamiliar with Braylon Beam, or how he impacted the Panthers this past season, please read my blog HERE.

Braylon is an incredible young man, who had an incredible impact on the Panthers as a special "coach". Braylon, despite fighting cancer, was at all but one Panthers home game, always on the sidelines in pre-game, giving players speeches and pep talks. Don't let this get lost on how this affected the Panthers success in 2015. Braylon created very special relationships with with entire Panthers roster and coaches, Braylon embodies the Panthers slogan "Keep Pounding".

I firmly believe the Panthers players always seeing Braylon on the sidelines helped fuel them, and helped them to their 15-1 record. The Panthers should bring Braylon back for the 2016 season, little things like that, and the impact they can have on teams and players go a long way. Especially the bond Braylon has created with Panthers players, Coach Braylon needs to be back in the Panthers huddle in 2016.

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