Kickoffs Will Soon Be a Thing of the Past in the NFL

A few years ago, the NFL approved a rule change to move kickoffs up from the 30 yard line to the 35 yard line to force more touchbacks and deter returns, all this in an effort the NFL says to promote player safety. At this past weeks owner meeting, the NFL made another rule change to kickoffs, now instead of a touchback resulting in the receiving team getting the ball at the 20, they will now get it at the 25. Again the NFL references is wants to create more touchbacks and promote player safety.

I think this is a big mistake, both of the rules actually. In my opinion both rules should be changed back to how they used to be, kickoffs from the 30 and touchbacks resulting in the ball at the 20. The NFL is taking out a huge part of the game, and one of the more exciting, or what used to be anyways, plays for fans.

And about player safety, I don't agree with that aspect of it either. Football is a violent game, especially professional football, no matter what the circumstances. A player can be injured on any given play, and there were no more injuries on kickoffs before the rules were changed than there are on normal plays.

This is setting a dangerous precident for the NFL and football in general. Before long, there won't be kickoffs at all, teams will just automatically get the ball at the 25 yard line after an opposing teams score and that is ashame. Games have been won, and lost on kickoffs, and it's not a part of the game that should be taken away.

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