Josh Norman Isn't Worth Elite CB Money

UPDATE: I originally wrote this article back in March.

Yes Carolina Panthers fans, I said it, Josh Norman is not worth what he is wanting, $16 million per year, and being to highest paid corner in the league. Actually I don't even think Norman should be considered an elite cornerback yet. The sample size just isn't there, he hasn't done enough to be "elite".

Here is what I think the problem comes in. I don't think Norman has proven himself worthy of being the highest paid cornerback in the league, honestly I don't think Norman has earned "elite" cornerback status yet. Norman started off 2015 with a bang, with four interceptions and two returned for touchdowns in the first five games, but for the rest of the season, didn't have an interception. Part of this was because teams decided to simply stay away from Norman and he didn't have the opportunities to make plays, but also consider 2015 was the first year Norman was a full time starter and had a large impact for the Panthers defense. One year isn't enough to justify what Norman wants. 

Let's go even further and take a look at Norman's career stats:

As you can see, Norman has had one very good year (2015), the other years were frankly average. With only seven career interceptions in his four seasons, over half of them coming in one year, Norman just hasn't proven himself to be worthy of what he is asking for yet. 


It seems, at least early on, Norman is proving he isn't worth the huge deal the Redskins gave him in free-agency. In all fairness, it is still early and Norman may just be rusty, but he has been getting beat regularly in Redskins camp, and if he can't cover the receivers of the Redskins, he's in for a long season going up against Dez Bryant and Odell Beckham Jr twice a year.

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