MLB to investigate David Ortiz for Tampering

Major League Baseball is reportedly going to investigate Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz for tampering after comments he made during a post All-Star game interview. While speaking to reporters after the All-Star Game, Ortiz said the Red Sox should sign Blue Jays slugger Edwin Encarnacion after the season to take over as DH. He also advocated acquiring Marlins ace Jose Fernandez.

However the bad news for Ortiz is MLB doesn't allow players, coaching or other league and team officials to talk about players currently under contract with other teams. It's likely Ortiz didn't mean to break any rules during his interview, and it was most likely a fairly innocent comment from Ortiz, however MLB has chosen it can't be overlooked and will look into a possible tampering charge.

It's not often an MLB player or executive is disciplined for tampering, and when it does occur the punishment is usually just a fine, not a suspension or anything more severe.

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