Carolina Panthers Stadium Upgrades

The Carolina Panthers stadium staff spent their offseason making upgrades to Bank of America Stadium to give their fans a more desirable and pleasant experience while at Panthers games. The Panthers have been making upgrades to The Bank over the last three offseason, part of a five year renovation project. They have completed phase three this offseason. The upgrades include:

95 magnetometers at stadium entrances to eliminate the need for stadium security to wand down each guest and make it much easier and faster for fans to get into the stadium. It also increases the security element at the stadium, making it safer for fans for enjoy Panthers games.

The entire 500 concourse level has been renovated and 126 new concession selling points have been added, to allow fans to get their food and drink quicker and easier and get back to their seats faster so as to not miss any of the game. 

The Panthers also boosted their stadium WiFi which now included 12,000 access points, double the 6,000 access points that were available to fans in previous seasons.

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