Top 3 Fantasy Running Backs for 2016

(1) Todd Gurley - Gurley had an outstanding year as a rookie, scoring as one of the highest fantasy running backs of the season in 2015. There is absolutely no reason he won't be better in 2016. Starting behind a rookie QB, Gurley will have plenty of chances and will make the most of them.

(2) Devonta Freeman - Freeman also had an outstanding year in 2015 for the 8-8 Falcons. Even though the Falcins have Julio Jones and newly acquired Mohhamed Samu, Freeman will be the LKlead back in a run first offense and shoukd be expected to put up big numbers in 2016.

(3) Adrian Peterson - Although not getting any younger, Peterson will NBAbe relied on heavily in the Vikings offense. The year away from football in 2014 helped save some wear and tear on Peterson and he should be poised for another 1,500+ season. 

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