Adam Silver & NBA Executives ARE Cowards

NBA commissioner and NBA Executives are cowards. Why you ask?

After awarding Charlotte the NBA's 2017 All Star game, Silver and the NBA announced earlier this week they would move the All Star game from Charlotte over North Carolina's HB2 law.

NC's HB2 law states that a person must use the restroom of their born gender, not the gender they choose to identify with. Because North Carolina's officials would not back down, the NBA decided to take their ball and leave.

Maybe it's just me, but since when has it ever been appropriate for a MAN to go into the WOMENS bathroom? I don't care how they "identify". I don't care if you're gay or transgender, you're still a MALE no matter what you say or how hard you try to say you're really a girl.

If the NBA and Silver are willing to support this sick and twisted idea, cater to the LGBT community, by far the minority in this whole thing, and move the All Star game that the city of Charlotte and the state of North Carolina worked so hard to get and to prepare for, then quite simply, Silver is a coward. 

The NBA is a joke of a league anyway, and Silver is the worst commissioner in all of sports, so really, this cowardly act shouldn't surprise anyone.

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