Josh Norman Getting Exposed in Washington?

Josh Norman made a big splash in Carolina last year, made a name for himself and earned a huge contract from the Washington Redskins this offseason. However Norman hasn't really been impressive so far in Redskins training camp.

Over the last few days, videos have surfaced on Twitter showing Norman getting beat by fellow teammates Piere Garcon and DeSean Jackson. Granted Jackson is a top-tier receiver in the NFL, the fact that Garcon is beating Norman, and just the fact the Norman is getting beat as badly as the videos that have come out have shown, should cause some concern among Redskins fans. It also shows that it's possible the Josh Norman upswing of last season was a result of the Panthers defensive scheme, as some have speculated, and not the result of Norman's abilities.

Only time will tell, but Washington fans have to be at least a little concerned over these videos.

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