Donald Trump and the NFL

Donald Trump and the NFL seem to have a difference of opinion when it comes to NFL games and Presidential debates. Trump claims that the NFL sent him a letter stating that they weren't happy about the debate schedule between him and Hillary Clinton. 

The NFL has responded to Trump stating that this isn't true and they in fact did not send Trump or his campaign any such letter. 

Neither Trump's or Clinton's campaigns were responsible for setting the debate schedule, and neither have any control over it. The schedule is set by an independent group. The independent, nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates serves as the debate sponsor and sets the participation criteria, dates, sites and formats. The sites and dates for the 2016 debates were announced in September 2015.

So for now it appears you will be responsible for deciding which you want to watch this fall, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, or the NFL. Personally I'm partial to football.

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