It's Time for the Carolina Panthers to Fire OC Mike Shula

The time has come, it is finally time for the Carolina Panthers to make some major changes to their roster and their coaching staff. The first piece to fall should be Panthers offensive coordinator Mike Shula.

Many Panther fans have been disgruntled at Shula's play calling for the better part of a year now, however it's come to a head here in the early parts of the 2016 season, and none more evident than the Week 5 17-14 Monday Night Football home loss to the lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Know it was a must win game for the Panthers to stay in the race for the NFC South, and frankly for the team to even stay relevant in playoff contention, Shula called a horrendous game, which cost the Panthers a victory.

Many plays and series' could be articulated and discussed about why it is time for Shula to be down the door in Carolina, however the one than, in my opinion sealed his fate, as a pass play of 1st down and goal, with the game tied and less than three minutes to play. On said play, instead of sticking with the running game, which was working for the Panthers all night, Shula called a pass play, again from the two yard line on 1st and goal, with what would have been the go-ahead score and likely game-winning score. But instead of calling the safe, effective power running play that had no indication of not working, Shula decides to get cute and throw the ball, which proceeded to get interception to set up Tampa Bay's game winning FG drive.

Look, it's not just this awful play call, there any been many many others throughout the course of the 2016 season, however this one play seemed to be the one that should seal Shula's fate. It could reasonably be considered the worst offensive play call of the entire weekend of Week 5. Even though star QB Cam Newton did not play Monday night, which made a huge difference in the game, Shula has not allowed Newton do use his talents to overwhelm defenses and do what he does best, which is keeping the opposing defense guessing and on it's heels.

Simply put, Mike Shula is simply not the right person for the job in Carolina anymore.

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